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we thrive
when you do


TAP strength 

TAP Strength is a Holistic Wellness center that is committed to helping its members thrive through their lives. Whether the goal is to run a marathon or to be able to keep up with the next generation, the TAP team of fitness professionals and performance therapists provide a plan and guide their clients toward the embodiment of their best self. 


The foundation of the partnership between client and coach is the TAP Strength method which teaches the client to "TAP In" and utilize the Habits of Movement to improve their body awareness and bring their bodies back into balance promoting growth and making the body and mind more resilient to the stresses of daily life and physical activity.


The TAP Performance Therapists help clients to heal themselves through hands on manual therapy and fascial manipulation to allow the body to recover from injury and bounce back more quickly from future stressors. TAP Therapists work hand in hand with TAP Coaches to provide an individualized program for each client that is always adapting to our clients needs and goals. It is from this relationship that our mantra "We thrive when you do" was formed.


TAP is more than a center for performance. TAP is where you come to make connections, to grow, to find strength in the struggle, and to develop and refine the habits you need to move better through life. Current research supports that improved body awareness is directly related to better emotional health. At TAP we do not believe that you can seperate the body and the mind. That is why our strategies are designed to improve your physical and mental health in unison creating the pathways for our clients to stay resilient through the challenges that life presents. These challenges provide us the opportunity for growth and with the TAP Strength team and TAP method as your core foundation you can have the confidence to know that not only will you be in a position to survive, but you will be aligned to THRIVE. 

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