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what real strength looks like


TAP Strength is a holistic gym and wellness center based in Westport, CT. Our goal is to treat the whole person -- body, mind and spirit - and to help you stay strong, active, and feeling great through all stages of your life.  We aim to improve your longevity through enhanced body awareness and our customized Exercise Rx program. Whether you're seeking to improve your physical performance on the sports field, golf course, or in the backyard with your kids -- or you're struggling with pain or a musculoskeletal imbalance, our TAP Professionals will meet you where you are and prescribe a personalized program to fit your needs. At TAP, we have two interconnected tracks - TAP Coaching and TAP Therapy.



If you are struggling with an injury or musculoskeletal imbalance, our TAP Therapists help you to heal through hands-on manual therapy and fascial manipulation to allow the body to recover from injury and bounce back more quickly from future stressors.

TAP STRength Performance | Coaching

If you are already in good shape and looking to improve your physical performance, our TAP Coaches will program customized personal training sessions to help you improve your strength, flexibility, and agility to achieve your goals.


Our TAP Therapists and Coaches work together to create an individualized program that will help you maintain your progress and build strength. Clients can move between tracks as necessary in order to achieve their goals. 

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