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TAP is a holistic physical training center dedicated to improving the quality of our clients’ lives through increased body awareness and proper functional movements. Through our proven TAP Approach, TAP members reduce pain, build strength and increase their resilience and longevity. 


Whether you are struggling with an injury or seeking to improve your physical performance on the sports field, golf course, or in the backyard with your kids, our seasoned TAP Treatment Professionals and TAP Trainers, will meet you where you are in your journey and prescribe a personalized program to best meet your needs.


At TAP, we have two interconnected tracks - TAP Treatment and TAP Training. If you enter TAP struggling with an injury, our TAP Therapists help you to heal through hands on manual therapy and fascial manipulation to allow the body to recover from injury and bounce back more quickly from future stressors. Once out of acute pain, our TAP Therapists work hand in hand with our TAP Trainers to create an individualized program to meet your personal needs and goals.  

the tap community

TAP is more than just a physical training center, it is also a wellness community where you can make connections, grow, find strength in the struggle, and to develop and refine the habits you need to move better through life. Current research supports that improved body awareness is directly related to better emotional health. At TAP we understand that the body and the mind are interconnected. That is why our strategies are designed to improve your physical and mental health in unison creating the pathways for our clients to stay resilient through the challenges that life presents. These challenges provide us the opportunity for growth and with the TAP Strength team and TAP Approach as your core foundation, you will have the confidence to not only survive, but you will be aligned to THRIVE.

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