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Lisa albenze

reiki practioner

"Becoming physically stronger helps dissolve the fear I have of possibly losing mobility as I get older. Feeling better physically is a positive change. Love it! I love that the trainers explain how and why the exercises work. My creative mind is open and free-er because the trainers point out the mind-body connection frequently and they are always in sync with my intuition about the connection. Focusing on strengthening my body gives my monkey mind a really great break! I always feel more connected to the real me after a TAP session. My joints are better because of TAP.  The TAP trainers have become important people in my life. They are loving, kind, extremely knowledgeable, and professional.  I also feel connected to fellow TAP goers! We all know how great this place is and enjoy meeting and knowing one another."

stephanie szostak


“Love working out with Mike at Tap. It’s a great setting to work out, the equipment is unique and every session is different. Mike’s helped me get back in shape after Covid and gain back the strength I had lost without bulking up. Tap Strength is my place to work out but also to recover whenever I’ve had injuries — from my back to my big toe — EJ and his team have helped me heal and be an active part of the recovery by gaining awareness of my body.”


dave wright


"I do all of my strength training at TAP because of the personal attention that I get from everyone on their team. As a long distance runner, I need regular strength training and mobility work to help make me a better runner. The entire team at TAP is experienced in every area that I've needed to work on. The facility is clean, open and the staff can come up with seemingly endless ways to move the body!"

the perkins family

three generation workout

Lauren is a foundational part of our lives. As a family, three generations of women ages  17, 46 and 80! – we look forward to our weekly restoration time at TAP. Lauren is a gift, her energy is powerfully uplifting – our hour with her is an infusion of strength – both mental and physical. We laugh, unwind, rebuild, stretch and relax (and occasionally make some ridiculous complaining sounds). She tailors the day to what we all collectively seem to need. For me that’s usually rehab for some bizarre photography or gardening injury, for my high school athlete its lifelong skills to maintain her strength and longevity, and for my mother – its continual rehab from an unexpected ankle surgery. I will forever be grateful for the impact Lauren has had and continues to have in our lives.  - Carrie, Age 46


DYLAN & charlie

ages 21 and 14

“It’s a lot of fun working out with Michael and choosing and rocking out to the music.  I love going there and seeing Lauren, EJ, Colleen and especially Callie. 
TAP is the best place to be in Westport!


“Good place to workout, hangout, and have a drink
or two at the events (water for me of course).”


CEO of connoisseur media

I started at TAP when I was working through a sports-related injury. I was so happy with the experience and the results that I kept coming.
The staff is terrific, the facilities are immaculate and cutting-edge and the vibe is electric. I highly recommend!

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