Our Services



Performance Fitness Coaching

TAP into dedicated personal fitness coaching utilizing proprietary functional movement and training methods that collectively increase core strength as well as the performance of muscles, joints, ligaments, and connective tissue. 



Performance Hands On Therapy

TAP into best practices from manual medicine, physiotherapy, biomechanics and athletic conditioning. 

TAP’s hands-on, movement and fascial-based therapy rapidly facilitates recovery while increasing resilience and providing stability to help both restore and avoid injuries.  



Performance Preventative Care

TAP into preventative care that performs the way so many wish healthcare would: kindly with a sincere reverence for your complete well being.

TAP understands,  tracks and supports all of our member's goals — delivering data driven functional fitness and therapy alongside access to routine nutrition consultations, health assessments, preventative screenings and even lab work, medications and coordination of care when needed.  


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Performance Nutrition

TAP into nutrition consultation for healthy eating that fits into your lifestyle. Craft a customized plan that increases vitality or accelerates healthy weight loss. Establish new routines for eating well, living well and being  your best self. Develop a deep understanding of simple food strategies, cooking techniques and practices which can be applied immediately to get the results you want.

Additional  Benefits Of Membership

Integrative Holistic Assessment 

TAP gets to know you beyond the walls of our strength lab fitness studio by meeting virtually to develop a comprehensive plan for managing your health. A Nurse Practitioner connects with all new members over video chat for about an hour. TAP helps you understand how you are performing across nine domains of wellness, reviews medical history and family history as well as discusses any healthcare questions and concerns. We care about your diet, exercise habits, sleep patterns, work and other important aspects of your life.

Proactive Preventative Care

Based on your age, goals and personal healthcare situation, TAP will recommend ways to catch small problems before they turn into big problems. TAP follows the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force guidelines, an independent panel of experts in primary care and prevention that systematically reviews the evidence of effectiveness and develops recommendations for clinical preventive services. TAP can get you a detailed snapshot of your health and screen for potential issues by ordering relevant basic lab tests.

Attention To Well-Being

TAP wants to know how members are doing and how we can be most helpful so we  reach out monthly to ask our members  five key questions focused on well being and satisfaction. These touch-points help track performance and allow TAP to know when members might benefit from additional attention.

Integrated Performance Data

TAP integrates diet and exercise data from your favorite apps and connected devices, mobile and wearables and allows for remote monitoring to measure key performance indicators such as sleep, weight, nutrition, blood pressure. Imagine primary fitness forward health care that pays attention to data that primarily matters to you.

Routine Functional Fitness Measurement 

TAP collects vitals signs of movement through monthly force plate assessments. We look for improvements in asymmetries, force production and overall stability across four key exercises. By looking at these scores monthly we help our members establish a baseline for their performance and gauge improvements.

Ongoing Personal Goal Setting & Health Coaching

Data from the initial and ongoing evaluations is analyzed and discussed in periodic health coaching reviews that can be easily scheduled and held online using our member platform. Mutual goals and objectives are set, and a personalized program established. Reevaluations are performed periodically to concretely assess progress.  Customized training programs are designed by our experienced staff for clients interested in participating in athletic events or improving their performance as competitive athletes.

Online Healthcare Appointments

TAP members can access timely assistance contending with common non-urgent medical concerns and prescription/refill of non-controlled medications, when warranted. Responsive health care consultations are available through easy to schedule tele-health appointments.

Referrals & E-consults 

TAP can coordinate with medical specialists to assist in obtaining specialty care. Coordination of care, referrals, as well as no cost E-consults with a wide array of specialists, when warranted, are provided via Rubicon Health a network of board-certified specialists from around the country.


Like to be challenged? TAP into a monthly virtual competition among TAP members to be more active, get more rest or be more mindful.

Member Only Events

TAP is purpose-built to be your community and  trusted partner for fully optimizing  performance and health. Meet others who share your passion at our member only events.