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Unleashing Your Power with TAP Power Moves

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

At TAP, we firmly believe in the importance of Power as a cornerstone of efficient and effective movement. True power isn't just about building strength and endurance; it involves mastering the art of controlling force and generating energy with precision. This dynamic fusion of strength and speed requires honing your neuromuscular coordination—the seamless teamwork between your nervous system and muscles. To achieve this, incorporating targeted exercises into your routine becomes essential. These exercises are designed to actively engage and elevate your power, contributing to a more refined and effective movement experience.

 Here are three of our favorites TAP Power Moves:


The rhythmic and explosive nature of skipping engages your lower body, emphasizing controlled force production. As you land and push off, your muscles learn to contract rapidly, refining your power output. Skipping is a versatile exercise that also promotes efficient energy generation. The rhythmic coordination required in skipping encourages your body to generate and transfer energy seamlessly.

Lateral Hops:

Sideways movements challenge your muscles in unique ways. Lateral hops, whether performed on a flat surface or using agility cones, sharpen your ability to control force laterally. This exercise targets the often-neglected stabilizing muscles, improving overall power and balance. Lateral hops also demand quick energy shifts. The explosive side-to-side movement trains your body to efficiently generate energy while maintaining balance.

Drop Squats:

Drop squats take traditional squats up a notch. By rapidly descending into a squat position and then exploding upward, you engage your muscles to control the force of both the descent and ascent. This movement hones your power while also building strength in your lower body. The explosive nature of drop squats also sharpens your ability to generate energy rapidly. The quick transition from the descent to the ascent activates your muscles in a dynamic way, optimizing energy production.

TAP’s Power Moves are your secret weapons for unlocking true power. Whether you're an athlete striving for peak performance or a fitness enthusiast seeking a dynamic challenge, these exercises redefine the way you approach strength, speed, and coordination. Remember, power isn't just about how much you lift; it's about how efficiently you move. Try these TAP Power Moves and watch your power grow.

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